The walls.

Philadelphia 21st October,1859.

I,my family and my dog Rufus had just moved into a new house .The area was huge and the house contained 6 bedrooms on the top floor with 2 rooms on level 0 , along with a magnificent hall and a basement. It had been only a few days since we moved in and my newly made friends started telling me stories that how my house 10 years ago belonged to a woman who killed her 5 kids and the entire family, then she buried them in the walls of the house and floors . I found the rumours to be very funny . Till the day, while I and my friends were playing . I saw Rufus near our house porch , eating something . I went near to check and the sight disgusted and frightened me as he was chewing on an almost decayed finger . I yelled at Rufus and told him to leave it , after staring at it long I consoled myself as there was a graveyard very near by . As the days went on Rufus kept bringing fingers, toes , and other little body parts , I felt it was high time to tell my parents about it .. so I didn’t take Rufus to play with us on one evening and locked him in the house , carefully shutting all windows and while I and my sister went out to play . After our parents arrived I told them about it as we were heading towards home . As I opened the door my blood ran cold when Rufus dropped a foul smelling bloody leg out of his mouth . We all stood there is disbelief, because we had locked every escape out of the house . We vacated the house while an investigation took place . My friends also claim to have seen that woman once or twice .

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